Saturday, December 1, 2012

Malaysia 10sen 2004 DDO - Class V Pivoted Hub Doubling

Today Jack will provide another pieces of 10sen DDO of years 2004. Hmm... seems like today I'm quite free to blogging about this coin. This is a Class V Pivoted Hub Doubling spreading around K2 and K3(Jack is quite a newbie, if I'm wrong please correct me) which has the most little doubling of the device and it's rotating counter clockwise. The area which has the biggest doubling is around K10. Doubling were clearly seens on whole device. This DDO is quite nice in the eyes of me. Something very worth to keep. Below is the pictures

10sen 2004 Reverse Picture

10sen 2004 Obverse Picture

Now let us view the close up taken pictures...



Thanks for viewving again and have a nice day!!!

Malaysia 10sen 1990 DDO - Class I Rotate Hub Doubling

This doubled die coin is when I bring back RM100 10sen coins to my home which is 1000pcs. Without any magnifier/digital microscope situations, with my raw eyes only. After scanning around rm70 I saw this 1990 DDO quite weird and my eyes was quite tired(that time around 12.30am already).... I was looking upper, lower... but my eyes was too tired... so I decide to "pack" the 10 cents with a plain  paper for the next day to reach my office to use the digital magnifier....

This 10sen 1990 DDO is classified as Class I Rotate Hub Doubling. You can see that the whole device being rotate(look at both end of the Congkak) clockwise. The more to the middle of the device the lesser the doubling.

Now I just discovered that this coin also have Rotate Error of 45degree. So far I've found 3pcs of this DDO but the quality is not so good. My target is to find at least a AU conditions. So below is the pictures...

1990 Reverse Picture

10sen 1990 Obverse Picture

Now lets see the closed up pictures below.


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Friday, November 16, 2012

20sen 2007 DDO - A rare and a beast Doubled Die coin in Malaysia

This is a rare and hard to found Doubled Dies coin in Malaysia. So far, not much of this specimen is found. I've searching hi and low for this coin after 1month+++(around 5k of 20cents), but to no avails but to buy from someone. It's quite a strong Doubled Dies doubling. Among all the DD, this DDO is on top of my favourites. I just fall in love the time I saw people sharing on FB. This coin is catagorized at Class I - Rotate Hub Doubling counter clockwise.

Reverse of 20sen 2007 DDO

Obverse of 20sen 2007 DDO

See, this coin doubling is quite monsterous. Below is the closed up. At first, I didn't know to start to take the closed up from where. Finally, just take the pics from where it should be. I'm quite sure this coin wont be missed by any DD collector.

Enjoy viewving the closed up pics guys


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

20sen 2008 DDR (v2)

This is a newly found DDR yesterday(14/11/12). So I decided to post out this as soon as possible. The doubling is clearly seen only on "08" and "YSIA" while the others part of the device doesn't have any doubling. As I'm still a newbie, I'm not sure which class is this DDR fall into. So if any of the numist readers read this, please do give me (this newbie) guidance about which class should it fall into. Please enjoy the pictures!!! (I'm only showing the doubling parts).

20sen 2008 DDR (v2) reverse picture

20sen 2008 DDR (v2) obverse picture

The doubling parts only on "08" and "YSIA"

Now lets see the comparison pics for both DDR below.

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20 SEN 2008 DDR - Class V Pivoted Hub Doubling Spreading from K10

Today I'll present the Malaysia 20sen 2008 Doubled Die Reverse Class V Pivoted Hub Doubling spreading from K10. The spreading should around the petals and the wording "K" which has the most minimal of doubling of the entire device. This coin is quite beautiful as all the wording is doubling on every parts of the device.

At first, when I saw this coin on FB. Then I was looking all over my coin for this darling. I search for about 3k but to no avail to this nice Doubled Die coin. I was told that this coin mostly found in Sabah, East Malaysia. Then I decided to buy 1 from a collector. Before the coin reach me, I suddenly remember to have a coin bank at home which was not scanned (around 1k). So I quickly take out all the coin to scan. The next day I only take out the 20sen to search for this coin. Within 1 hours, I found 1pcs of this darling. Oh my gosh! I told myself, I must be lucky as this coin mostly found in Sabah only. Then I quickly posted on a FB group to told them I found that. My fellow collector told me that others places also have this type but not too much. Ok then, I'm quite lucky. :) Until today, I've found 4pcs of it on my own and a pcs which I bought earlier.

Now, let us view this darling pictures below.

 Reverse of 20sen 2008 DDR

Obverse of 20sen 2008 DDR

Below is the cropping of all parts of the coin
Thanks for viewing and have a nice day!! :)