Saturday, December 1, 2012

Malaysia 10sen 2004 DDO - Class V Pivoted Hub Doubling

Today Jack will provide another pieces of 10sen DDO of years 2004. Hmm... seems like today I'm quite free to blogging about this coin. This is a Class V Pivoted Hub Doubling spreading around K2 and K3(Jack is quite a newbie, if I'm wrong please correct me) which has the most little doubling of the device and it's rotating counter clockwise. The area which has the biggest doubling is around K10. Doubling were clearly seens on whole device. This DDO is quite nice in the eyes of me. Something very worth to keep. Below is the pictures

10sen 2004 Reverse Picture

10sen 2004 Obverse Picture

Now let us view the close up taken pictures...



Thanks for viewving again and have a nice day!!!

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